Food, Drinks & Clean-Up Supplies In Route To Monroe, LA, To Aid Flood Survivors

March 11, 2016 – 10:13 AM EST
Jon Kalahar

flood relief

JACKSON, MS (March 11, 2016) – With rain continuing Friday across most of Louisiana and Mississippi, The Salvation Army’s Emergency/Disaster Services is sending extra supplies into one area already hit the hardest by the torrential rain and rising flood waters.

Staff and supplies from The Jackson, Mississippi Corps have been deployed to Monroe, Louisiana to assist with shelter and mobile feeding operations. The arriving supplies includes 3000 meals, two pallets of clean up kits, not to mention water and other essential items. Support also includes six staff members and volunteers, one mobile canteen, and one supply truck.

Monroe Corps officer, Captain August Pillsbury says this is what The Salvation Army does, one neighbor helping another.

“This is how we are able to do the most good in such unfortunate circumstances,” said Captain Pillsbury. “Our local folks need help through this flooding, we want to provide that as best we can. In this situation, we needed more supplies and the Jackson Corps was more than willing to lend a hand.”

Emergency/Disaster Services Director, Terry Lightheart, says The Salvation Army is continuing to monitor how much rain is expected across the area and will distribute supplies where they are needed most. She says most local Salvation Army Corps in the Division are on standby to respond to their own community’s needs or to help elsewhere if needed.

“First, we know food and hydration will be most important, not only for residents but for first responders helping folks escape the flood waters,” said Lightheart. “Then we want to help people recover and get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible, so we will make clean up kits available. But what is so unique about our response in these situations is our officers are also ordained ministers and can give spiritual and emotional care as well.”

The Salvation Army asks people who want to help those affected by these storms to please give monetarily through this link:

Salvation Army disaster services are free. All people are served equally, without discrimination.

Salvation Army Mobilizes In Louisiana To Help Flood Survivors

March 10, 2016 – 9:44 PM EST
Jon Kalahar

floodsJACKSON, MS (March 10, 2016) – With continued flooding across North Louisiana, The Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana Emergency Disaster Services Division of The Salvation Army is coordinating disaster relief efforts with local Army representatives in Mississippi and Louisiana.  Staff and supplies from The Jackson, Mississippi Corps is being deployed to Monroe, Louisiana, Friday morning to assist with shelter and mobile feeding operations. Support includes six staff and volunteers, one mobile canteen and one supply truck loaded with water, clean-up kits, food and other essential supplies.

According to Monroe Corps officer, Captain August Pillsbury there are six shelters currently open with approximately 550 occupants, as of Thursday afternoon.

“We will support feeding at the shelters as requested. There are also residents out in the community as well as first responders who are helping those in need, and we want to be there for them as well,” said Captain Pillsbury.

In Shreveport, flooding, has warranted evacuation of as many as 3,500 families resulting in shelters opening in both Shreveport and Bossier City.   The Shreveport Corps of the Salvation Army is tasked with feeding the flood evacuees in the shelters. The Corps is also roaming through affected communities with a mobile canteen providing snacks and hydration to residents and emergency responders.

“We are responding to needs as they arise, while preparing to assist with cleanup and recovery efforts in the weeks ahead,” says Major Ed Binnix, commander of the Salvation Army of Northwest Louisiana.  “Our canteen will be out in the neighborhoods during recovery with assistance which will include food, hydration and Salvation Army cleanup kits.”

As rain moves east, local Salvation Army Corps in the Mississippi Delta are also preparing to respond to residents who may need to leave their homes before the flood waters rise.  The Greenville, Mississippi Corps is providing food and snacks to shelter occupants located at the Washington County Convention Center in Greenville until further notice. “We are available to assist wherever we are needed to bring some comfort to the citizens of Greenville,” said Lieutenant Damon Graham, Greenville, MS Corps Officer.

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Salvation Army disaster services are free. All people are served equally, without discrimination.

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DHQ employees lend a hand at the Monroe, LA Corps

Everybody could use a little extra help at one time or another.  This is true of individuals, communities, and in this case, the Monroe, Louisiana Corps of The Salvation Army. In the wake of an unexpected change in leadership and staffing, the Monroe Corps found themselves overwhelmed with an abundance of chores and a lack of manpower. The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters for the Alabama– Louisiana– Mississippi Division, located in Jackson, MS, gave permission for its employees to travel to Monroe for a day to help out. On Wednesday, February 11, those who chose to go did the round–trip in one day, spending the 5 hours they had in Monroe sorting and organizing all of the canned goods at the location.

Cindy Chesney, who was on just her 8th day as H.R./Office Manager at the Monroe Corps, had already made vast improvements to the Corps before the DHQ team arrived, but there was still much to do. According to Ms. Chesney, “The help getting organized is greatly appreciated and shows DHQ does care and is willing to help where needed. True teamwork! With the new transition, everything around the Monroe Corps is now organized and ready for the new officers so they don’t have to be concerned with cleaning and organizing. They can focus on the building needs, the community and the church.”

Below are the thoughts of the participants on what this opportunity to serve meant to each of them.

Gina Oubre, Divisional Human Resources Director: “It was a good day— to be able to go in and work hands-on to help a local community rather than sitting in an office. It makes the people that we serve more real and gives us the opportunity to assist the local communities from a hands-on standpoint.”

Lacey Sanders, Human Resources Generalist: “I absolutely love my job and working for The Salvation Army, but how I got involved with this organization was by working hands on at the Corps and with the Community.  That’s what began my love for this place.  My day to day job with The Salvation Army is working behind a desk and reviewing paperwork and processes so getting the chance to go to Monroe and really physically work hard to help improve a location was so rewarding. Exhausting! But rewarding. ”

April Thames, Benefits Coordinator: “I’m just happy to help and see what a Corps looks like in another location. It feels good to help them. Hopefully we can do this (again) and not just as a one-time thing. It’s nice helping a location that needs assistance cleaning up or sorting stuff. I enjoyed doing it. Maybe next time we can go and help another location.”

Maggie Zakikhani, recently retired, former DHQ employee: “I was happy to be able to go and help. It made me feel like we accomplished something good, so that they’ll be able to feed the people without a lot of problems.”

Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer at the Monroe Corps, visit their website or stop by their location at 105 Hart Street. As Cindy says, “The employees here are all personable and welcome volunteers and the help and support they can give.”