Soup, Soap, Salvation Devotion Series, Part 2: SOAP

God created humans in his image. As such, we are treasured by Him. Knowing we are all made in the image of God helps us to see value in others and show the love of Christ through the ways we treat them.

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27

In Jesus’ time, physical ailments were often viewed as punishment, leading people to be excluded from their communities. So, in healing the sick, the lame, the lepers, Jesus was not simply caring for physical ailments; he was reintegrating people into the larger society. He was restoring their dignity and their ability to live in community with God and others.

Jesus sought to inspire with hope the roughest and the most unpromising, assuring them that they too might become blameless and pure as children of God. They, too, were worthy and loved. Christ came to save people, human beings with names, faces, and personalities. He modeled that upholding human dignity is always worth our time and effort.

Today, The Salvation Army offers a warm, safe place to stay for many with no place to go. Likewise, we combat addiction through therapy, life-skills development, and by equipping people to provide for themselves and their families. Other programs are designed to impact the effect of poverty across multiple generations. By positively changing parents’ lives, The Salvation Army can create better living conditions for children and better hope for their future. Every day, through countless programs, The Salvation Army works to restore human dignity and remind our struggling neighbors of their worth as children of God created in his image.

Invitation to prayer:

“Almighty God, help us to appreciate the great gift that is human life formed in your image. Help us to recognize you in all whom you have created. Please share with us your divine knowledge that we are all your children, each bestowed with inherent dignity. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Further reading:

Matthew 22: 36-40
I John 3:1-2