Shreveport Delivers Meals to VA Nurses Working 16-Hour Shifts

The Salvation Army of Shreveport has wrapped up its twice a week feedings to the VA nurses and staff on the 6th-floor of Overton Brooks VA Medical Center. These nurses were working 16-hour shifts, taking care of isolated VA patients, and were required to take lunch breaks at the hospital due to COVID-19. The Shreveport Corps has been delivering meals to Overton Brooks VA nurses since April 1st.

“It sure does feel wonderful to be thought of!”


“First and foremost, I thank you all for thinking of us during this pandemic. It sure does feel wonderful to be thought of! The lunches came as a complete surprise and were handy for those of us who had forgotten our lunches, and for those of us who needed a snack throughout our shift. All in all, I am grateful that The Salvation Army took the time to put these lunches together for us. Together we are better. This is a great example of our community sticking together during this time. Again, I say thank you so very much to The Salvation Army,” shared Janice Strange, Overton Brooks VA Medical Center RN.

“The nurses on 6-West would like to thank each and every one of you for the lunch bags.  Many of us could not leave the unit due to the patients. You have shown what true generosity is. With many out of work and relying on human kindness, you are the tops. Thank you again for all you have done for us, ” shared Kathleen Mickle, another Overton Brooks RN, on behalf of the 6-West nursing staff.

The Shreveport Corps has also been supplying meals to seniors and children throughout the area. Seniors come to the corps daily to receive meals and families can visit the Boys and Girls Club each Saturday to receive a weekend meal supply to keep kids full until Monday when schools are able to prep daily weekday meals for students. Officers and staff also distribute weekend meals to children in two low-income communities in the Shreveport area.

“The Salvation Army has not wavered in our commitment to meeting the needs that arise in Shreveport. Starting out, I knew that there would be other groups and people willing to feed, but there would come a time when these groups would be exhausted or had to close. I wanted to make sure that The Salvation Army remained in place to be able to continue our services,” stated Shreveport Corps Officer Lieutenant Jamaal Ellis.