The Salvation Army, an international movement, has a long-standing presence in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Because we are already part of the communities in which we serve, we are on the ground and ready to response and serve immediately in times of need such as this.

In light of the ongoing crisis, The Salvation Army is providing hope, healing, and comfort to displaced and affected families and individuals. We are serving those impacted and displaced by the ongoing crisis with food, shelter, and spiritual care.

Where it is safe to serve, The Salvation Army officers have pivoted programs to provide food, clothes, blankets, and emotional and spiritual care to those who have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge.

Salvation Army Locations In Ukraine

Updates From The Region


In Dnipro, The Salvation Army prepared sweet pies and distributed them to displaced people. In Lviv The Salvation Army stocked up their supplies and shared contact details on social media for displaced people to get in touch and receive the most essential items. The Vinnytsia corps transformed their building into living quarters to accommodate internally displaced people.


Tens of thousands of refugees passed through the Siret swamp in Romania, The Salvation Army emergency team offered help to complete asylum seekers documents, gave advise how to obtain biometric ID documents, assisted with family reunifications with family members waiting outside the camp and coordinated the needs for and distribution of relief material and other support with the other stakeholders.


With increasing numbers of families and individuals crossing the border, The Salvation Army has been working to find accommodations for those displaced refugees. Over 250 refugees have been accommodated overnight and have been supported during their stay with meals, hygiene packs, pillows, linens, and more. The team in Moldova has been able to send urgently needed medical items across the border where a team from Ukraine transported the supplies to a children’s intensive care unit in Odessa. The Salvation Army also works in coordination with the ‘Centre For Refugees Reception’ in the village of Mikhailany in the Ryshkansky district.


A sign at the train station near the border of Poland reads “You are safe here,” as refugees are welcomed into the country. Together with the regional officers and corps officers in Warsaw, International Emergency Services were able to bring much needed supplies to a Warsaw reception center to support affected individuals and families. Partnerships such as this are proving key to meeting human needs.


The Salvation Army in Russia responds to the needs of displaced people by providing food, hygiene, and other relief items. To date there are over 60,000 displaced people in the southern part of Russia.


The local team has been working on a plan of action in preparation for accommodation, material needs, and emotional support for incoming refugees. An emergency response team consisting of representatives from Slovakia and Czech Republic has commenced and will meet on a regular basis to assess how to provide the best support in response to the crisis.


The Czech Republic is already home to some 200,000 Ukrainians and therefore anticipates many refugees who will seek support from family and friends in the area. The Salvation Army has available capacity in the existing social services in the Czech Republic and stand ready to provide support.

We are aware that The Salvation Army in other European countries are also planning to respond to the needs of refugees arriving there and are grateful for the amazing solidarity and willingness to support.