Disaster Donations

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Monetary Donations

Financial contributions are the best way to assist The Salvation Army. Monetary donations allow the Salvation Army to purchase products and provide services to meet the most urgent needs. When feasible, purchases are made in the local community to help stimulate the local economy and ensure quicker delivery to those in need. If you wish to designate your gift to a specific program or service, you may do so at the time of your donation.



When needed, The Salvation Army will request and accept both corporate and private in-kind donations in support of the disaster relief operation and daily social service support. Specific items needed will be identified based on need. Bulk donations of a single product such as bottled water, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and building materials may be accepted. All donations must be properly packaged, shrink-wrapped, on pallets, and labeled. Donors are asked to cover the cost of shipping in-kind donations to the receiving location.


Confirm Need Before Collection

In-Kind donations require time, space, money and personnel. These are all valuable resources at a disaster site. All in-kind donations must be pre-planned and accepted by The Salvation Army prior to delivery. Donors are asked to be responsible for the shipping to the receiving location.


Transportation Should Be Planned In Advance

Transportation during a major disaster is often a challenge. Never assume unsolicited relief supplies can be accepted at the disaster site. Planning for delivery will allow the Salvation Army to have appropriate staff and volunteers in place to accept donations.


Used Clothing Is Rarely A Useful Item To Collect For Disaster Relief

Used clothing is rarely needed at the disaster site. You may donate used items to our Family Thrift Store at any time.  This helps support our local programs.