New officers complete DHQ staff, celebrate with welcome brunch

The moving trucks are no longer in the driveways, and perhaps a few moving boxes are unpacked. For sure, however, all our officers across the Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division are on the job and getting to know their new homes.

At DHQ, the process is no different. Divisional Headquarters lost four officers, and they have now been replaced with three officers new to the Division.

Captains Mark and Lori Hunter are out new Finance Trainee and Community Care Ministries Secretary. Lieutenant Shimei Hewitt is our new Assistant Divisional Youth Secretary.

Together with the Divisional Commanders, Major Steve and Wendy Morris, the staff at Divisional Headquarters welcomed out three new officers who make us whole once again.

Each new officers was welcomed by a member of the staff from the department they will now call home, and the CRD team of Planned Giving Director, Buddy Graves and Resource Development Director, Erica Bradshaw made sure the new arrivals where up to date on all relative ALM topics like the weather, driving in the south, and new words for their vocabulary (fixintoo).

Tables were decorated by state and with must see attractions across the Division like the NASA museum in Huntsville or the race track in Talledega.

Major Wendy brought an encouraging word for the day.

We are so excited to welcome the Captains Hunter and Lieutenant Hewitt to the Division. They are a part of the ALM family already.