National Pay It Forward Day

It may only last hours, but it has the potential to change the world.

Pay It Forward Day is celebrated annually on April 28th to inspire acts of kindness in hopes that the ripple of good will continue throughout the entire year. Started in Australia as a celebration of how one small act of kindness can make a big impact in the world, the holiday now spreads love and happiness in over 85 countries.

The Salvation Army has strived to “Do the Most Good” for over 156 years, meeting human needs wherever they exist. We believe that when we help others, we create a cycle of kindness that makes our communities stronger and healthier.

Consider the following ways of spreading kindness, hope, & joy this Thursday:

  • Send a handwritten note
  • Donate items to a thrift store
  • Take and share snacks at work
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood
  • Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Make an online donation
  • Tip more than you usually would
  • Volunteer with a local organization
  • Write a review for a place you love
  • Call and check-in on a friend
  • Volunteer for your favorite organization
  • Drop off treats to frontline workers
  • Send food to a family in need
  • Donate items to a local shelter
  • Send flowers to someone
  • Take the time to listen to someone
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Forgive someone
  • Support a local business
  • Lend your skills for free
  • Promote a cause you believe in
  • Help a senior citizen do chores
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Teach someone something new
  • Smile
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Say “thanks” to our service members

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