Spring Break Can Be Hard for Hungry Kids

The Need

For many kids, Spring Break means a week off from school and a vacation from studies, but for the most vulnerable, seven days is a prolonged period to go without a reliable meal.

Over 15 million children in the United States live in “food insecure” homes. This means 1 of every five children experiences prolonged hunger. School lunches are the primary source of nutrition for these children, and during school breaks, these at-risk children often go hungry.

A hungry child in this land of plenty is incomprehensible, and yet every day, some children don’t have enough food, especially during the breaks from school.

How We Help

The Salvation Army is dedicated to eliminating food insecurity by providing nutritious meals to anyone in need. Our food pantries provide valuable meal supplementation by supplying free fresh produce, canned goods, and healthy frozen items. In addition, we offer sit-down programs that provide nutritious hot meals, mobile meals delivering sustenance to the homebound, and feeding programs across our hundreds of shelters and residential facilities. We are committed to helping the most vulnerable members of society escape the daily burdens of food insecurity.

In addition to addressing the immediate symptoms of food insecurity, our programs are designed to help identify and treat its root cause. Over time, this holistic approach to each person’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs helps move many from “hungry” to “healed.”

To learn more about our programs in your area, please find your local corps here.

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