Center of Hope

The Center of Hope exists to give residents a hand up and not a hand out. This is an adult-only shelter that provides breakfast, dinner, counseling, and access to showers, laundry, and other amenities. Our residents are also provided assistance and tools to find employment.

Transitional Housing

Our transitional program offers shelter to employed clients who are unable to afford traditional housing. Center of Hope clients pay $75 per week, and typically stay between three to six months while our staff works with them to find permanent housing.  Each individual is then matched with a case manager with whom they meet once a week to gain the resources for a successful lifestyle.

Emergency Shelter

Our emergency program allows clients to stay a total of ten consecutive days at no charge in our facility. This allows for individuals who are temporarily without housing to have a place to eat, shower, sleep and form a plan to regain housing. Our emergency program also offers one night stays when the weather is below freezing or on dangerously hot days. On days of severe weather, the Center of Hope will never turn someone away.

Community leaders provide financial seminars, Bible study, and other life skills classes to give our residents the knowledge to enhance their quality of life. Through the programs provided in our Center of Hope, The Salvation Army strives to be a healing ministry that assists people physically, challenges them mentally, and transforms them spiritually.


Client Intake 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

***Residents are not allowed to be on campus from 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday. They are allowed to stay all day on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. TB test completed
  2. Government issued ID
  3. Free from alcohol
  4. Willingness to take random drug tests
  5. Current on all medications
  6. Must not need assistance to perform daily duties (i.e. bathing, eating, getting out of bed, etc.)