Summer Camp


The Salvation Army summer camp programs are a wonderful outlet for youth that participate in our corps programs, i.e., Adventure Corps Explorers & Rangers, Girl Guards, Sunbeams and Music.  There are also camps for those children not participating in The Salvation Army youth programs.

Registration for these camps is in April.  There are forms to fill out and of course a physical is required.  Usually there is no cost, but it is recommended to speak to the Christian Education Director or Social Services Director regarding costs.

The ALM Division is making capital improvements to Camp Hidden Lake so that more children can find Jesus and themselves.

Some people get lost in the woods. Others get found.

Camp Hidden Lake exists to support the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development of children, youth and adults. Through the years many have “found themselves” at Camp Hidden Lake through the quality camping programs offered each summer. Some learn a new skill, others develop relationships that empower, all encounter a lasting relationship with with Jesus.



Beginner Band — Wednesday 5:00 pm — all ages

This program is for anyone who is willing to learn an instrument and to ultimately want to play in The Salvation Army band on Sunday mornings.

You will learn the basics of music, i.e., reading, time signature, etc. and at the end of the school year, hopefully get to perform a solo.

Youth Choir “Singing Company” — Wednesday 5:00 pm — all ages

Girl Guards


Tuesday, 5:45 – 6:45  Grades 6–12 (Girls)

The Girl Guard program is available to young women in 6th -12th grade and focuses on the four aspects of personal growth outlined in the Girl Guard Aim: spiritual, mental, physical and social. Girl Guards meet once a week and focus on these goals by earning emblems within various areas of interest. Girl Guards study art, find out how to respect and take care of the environment, learn the responsibilities of parenthood, gain computer skills and auto know-how, delve into God’s Word, discover how to handle difficult situations, participate in wood working classes, join in recreational sport activities and so much more.

By discovering God’s gifts of arts and skills, health and happiness, nature, people, personal growth and their present and future, Girl Guard members gain knowledge and experience in a variety of areas which will aid them as they mature into adults.



Tuesday, 5:45 – 6:45  Grades 1– 5 (Girls)

Sunbeam members are between the ages of 6-11; the only criteria for joining is regular meeting attendance and parental consent. The goals of the Sunbeams are outlined in the Sunbeam Pledge, Declaration and Motto shown above–but for this group actions speak louder than words. In Sunbeams, heavy emphasis is placed on actively working with the Sunbeam leader and fellow-Sunbeams in order to earn emblems in a plethora of areas.

Adventure Corps


Tuesday, 5:45 – 6:45  Grades 1– 12 (Boys)

The Salvation Army ADVENTURE CORPS is a holistic Christian education experience for boys in grades 1 – 12. Adventure Corps helps boys to develop good social and communication skills, good decision-making and life skills as well as character and leadership skills, all in an environment that is balanced, age appropriate and Christ centered.

Explorers – Grades 1 – 4.  Tuesdays at 5:45– 6:45 pm

Rangers – Grades 5 – 12.  Tuesdays at 5:45– 6:45 pm

For assistance with transportation, call 536-5576.

Parents and Caregivers, you can share in your boy’s Adventure Corps experiences by:

  • asking questions, finding out what he learned
  • help him with home projects
  • volunteering to help with activities such as fishing, woodworking, cooking
  • reinforce his Adventure Corps experience with encouragement and prayer



Tuesday, 5:45 – 6:30  Ages 4 – Kindergarten (Girls & Boys)

The Salvation Army Moonbeam program is a holistic Christian Education experience for girls and boys in pre-k and kindergarten.

The goal of the Moonbeam program is to help boys and girls to develop:

  • Positive social and communication habits
  • Artistic flare and giftedness

Through a Biblical worldview by encouraging:

  • Christian values and Biblical principles
  • Physical, mental, spiritual, and social development

In a safe environment for learning, developing, and caring that is age appropriate and Christ centered.

Visit youthdownsouth.org to learn more about The Salvation Army’s youth programs.