The Planned Giving Department

The Planned Giving Department allows for the arrangement of assets to benefit the donor, loved ones, and charitable causes now and in the future. The donor and beneficiaries come first, while the principle benefits of a plan are not accrued by The Salvation Army until the donor’s death or the death of all income beneficiaries. Today, with ever-changing tax laws and increasing legal and attorney fees in a volatile economy, life long estate planning is a necessity.

Gift types include, but are not limited to, the following:

Charitable Gift Annuity– A Charitable Gift Annuity allows the donor to make a gift to The Salvation Army and still receive a stream of income for the rest of their life or the life of a loved one.

Gifts by Will– When the wording and designation of the donor’s will is precise, they can rest assured knowing their loved ones will be taken care of, their estate will be left in order, and their gift will make a difference in their community through the local Salvation Army Corps.

Hometown Endowment– A Hometown Endowment gift allows the donor’s gift to be invested by The Salvation Army, causing an annual stream of income for the local Salvation Army Corps. A Hometown Endowment gift is a true legacy, as the gift itself never stops producing income. This gift is typically left through the donor’s will, making wording and designation critically important.

Charitable Remainder Trust– A Charitable Remainder Trust allows the donor to create streams of income for themselves or their loved ones, creating peace of mind when planning for an otherwise uncertain future.

Gifts of Real Estate– A personal residence, farm, unimproved land, rental property or commercial property can be given to The Salvation Army outright, to fund a charitable remainder uni-trust or under a life estate agreement.

In celebration of those who place this ultimate level of trust in the work of The Salvation Army, we have established The Salvation Army Heritage Circle to recognize and honor these benefactors. All individuals who notify us of their thoughtful planning through bequests or deferred gifts will be recognized as Members of the Heritage Circle, Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Division.

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