Who do we listen to?  A few days ago I ran into a man who at one time was in our alcohol and drug rehabilitation program here in Huntsville, but left the program early because he began to drink once again.  As I spoke to him, his head began to drop and only looked up only to respond to my questions.  Finally I asked him why he decided to go back to drinking when he was doing so well, he said “I knew that I could not finish the program.”  When I asked who told him that he could not finish he replied, “I did.”  He listened to himself and his words came true.  Yet in his words he was conveying the reality of dealing with powerful forces both within ourself as well as the external forces of evil that seek to consume and destroy our lives by negative reinforcement.  This struggle is the reason why The Salvation Army identifies its mission as a war, a spiritual war, because there are forces both within and without that strive to dominate our lives, and the Army fight is for spiritual freedom.  Now the question is; who do we listen to?  Are you listening to the voices that call you to an existence of less that what we were created for, God’s glory?  Or are you listening to the voice of your Heavenly Father who calls you “blessed” “highly favored” and “loved”.  If there is a downward spiral in your life at this time consider who you are listening to and if it is destructive, then it is not of God.  The voice of God offers of invitation “Come unto to Me”, opportunity “Ask and it shall be given” and change “Behold I make all things new”.  Who are you listening to?

Major Donald Wilson