Education is a key component in helping people transition out of a poverty environment.

The Salvation Army provides libraries, computer labs & after-school tutoring at its Community Centers.

Children in middle and upper income families have a distinct advantage over children whose families live below the poverty level. Youngsters who are raised in more affluent homes have greater access to home computers, educational materials, encyclopedias and books.

The parents of these children tend to be better educated, and provide more challenging and stimulating conversation than do those in low-income families. These children also tend to develop much faster intellectually than do children in poor environments through participating in reading and by receiving help with homework beginning at a very early age from parents who tend to have a higher education level.

By placing an emphasis on education, The Salvation Army helps address the unfortunate disparity that exists between the rich and the poor. With ongoing help, access to resources and through tutoring programs, disadvantaged children can successfully learn, make good grades and achieve the potential reality of going to college and greatly improving their station in life.

The Salvation Army provides multiple opportunities for educational enrichment and support throughout the ALM Division. Programs range from after-school tutorial programs in Greenwood and Tupelo to a youth center with computer lab, homework support, and game room in Meridian. the Salvation Army also operates Boys and Girls clubs in Shreveport and Hattiesburg.

In Birmingham, a residential living center for youth allows The Salvation Army to address the needs of neglected, abused, and at risk children through educational support and emotional care.

Seeking to break the cycle of poverty and crime that effects many low income children today is one of the goals of The Salvation Army’s educational programs.

For more information on educational programs in your area please follow the locations link to the Salvation Army office nearest you.