Why We Donate

Testimonials From Supporters of The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama

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“Over the years, my company, Spacewall Inc., and I have been donors to many different charities. We have given to many Christian Missionary groups that have done a very good job with the money.

However, we have donated the most to The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama because:
· They feed the hungry,
· Give shelter to the homeless,
· Help people with their addictions,
· Have always been totally ethical and efficient with the funds they receive,
· Help individuals with learning skills that are needed to find lasting employment and, most importantly,
· Reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To sum it up, they have always been a tremendous charity that helps people in every area of their lives and also most importantly share with them the saving grace of salvation through Jesus Christ.

To this day my company and I continue to support the Salvation Army with their many life changing programs and would highly recommend them to anyone that has the heart for giving to give of their time or finances to this fabulous charity. Whatever you give, you can rest assured, that the Salvation Army will help and support the thousands of individuals that are in need in the most efficient way possible. The Salvation Army is a true blessing to millions of people across the world.

May God bless them in all they do.”

Hugh Johnson, Spacewall International