Gerald Battiste - Success Story

On all accounts Gerald Battiste had a great childhood.  Both his mother and father were involved parents.   “There was nothing I ever needed that I didn’t get” said Gerald.  He did well in school and was quite the accomplished musician. …

Our Families in Need

'Helping local families during the holidays' One of our most proud campaigns of the year is on the horizon, Neediest Families.  But this year the campaign will be slightly different.  Formerly known as 'Neediest Families' will now be called…

'Living 2 Lives in 1 Lifetime' A Salvation Army Success Story

1994 was a transformative year for Vanessa Thompson.  She was 30 years old and often felt defeated.  Thompson found herself in a rough position; much of it admittedly was the result of her own actions.  Thompson was on drugs at the time. …