Work Therapy Rehabilitation Program (CSRC) is a Christian based program focusing on work therapy and overcoming addictions. CSRC participants work with a variety of departments within The Salvation Army – thrift stores, security, maintenance, janitorial, etc. – as they rebuild a sense of routine, responsibility, and for many, self worth. Program participants also have the benefits of group therapy, skilled counseling in clean and wholesome surroundings, and most importantly, spiritual guidance. They receive housing, nourishing meals and medical care. The program is available to men regardless of economic status, race, color or national origin.

The CSRC Program is funded by the community’s donations of furniture, clothing, and household items, which are sold in Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores. Pickup service is provided, donations are tax deductible.

“I’ve learned a lot about patience. I’ve learned to listen and follow rules – I used to be real hard-headed. It’s been life changing for me… I finish the program in three weeks. I’ve already got jobs lined up. I’m excited to get home to my family.” – Shawn, CSRC Program