It takes a special type of person to give of one’s self to make life  better for others. William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, was this  kind of person, dedicating his life to helping individuals in London who were considered outcasts of  society – the homeless, the hungry, the poor and the destitute.

Coastal Alabama also has its share of special, caring  people who support the vision of the founder. Because an army can do more than  individuals working independently, these social and spiritual visionaries have  joined forces to form an elite group known as the William Booth Society. Their  combined resources empower the Army to provide life-changing programs and  services.

How  to Join
Individuals  distinguish themselves as candidates for membership by making a monetary  donation of $5,000 or more to The Salvation Army during a given year. Memberships may be renewed annually through  the donor’s continued demonstration of support.

William Booth Society  FAQs

Why is the William Booth Society Important? 
• It encourages personal major giving among individuals of financial ability  and commitment
• It develops a dependable source of funding for new or expanded programs and  services
• It identifies new and influential leadership so important to the Army’s  future strength
• It recognizes leadership giving and builds commitment to The Salvation Army

How will William Booth Society members be recognized for their support?
Donors to The Salvation Army want to be assured that their contribution is  spent to meet the needs of others, not on expensive donor gifts and programs.  William Booth Society recognition will be focused on keeping donors informed, valued,  and cherished.

What are the criteria for giving?
• The gift is annual
• The gift may be either remitted in full or pledged and paid in increments  through the calendar year
• The gift is to support new and expanded programs and services
• The gift is from an individual, foundation or corporation

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