It’s one of the most joyous and celebratory times for The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama.  Every month, men and women who have completed The Salvation Army’s Drug and Alcohol treatment programs take part in the Reflection, Celebration, Anticipation Ceremony (RCA).

In 2015, The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama started a new tradition by hosting RCA ceremonies for clients.  The ceremony is designed to recognize the hard work of men and women who have completed their addiction treatment and recovery programs.  Throughout their treatment they are weaned off their addictions, and encouraged to develop life and work skills to become productive citizens.  These ceremonies are not the end, but rather serve as a new beginning on the long road to recovery.

For the first RCA ceremony of 2016, 15 men and one woman were honored for their accomplishment.  Each honoree came onto the stage to receive a certificate of completion and had an opportunity to share a few words expressing their gratitude, and words of wisdom following their months spent in treatment.

“Now I can see a lot brighter in my life” said Zachary Scott upon receiving his certificate of completion.

“I discovered drugs and alcohol in Middle School.  After 35 years, they nearly killed me, but thank God I ended up here at The Salvation Army” said Robert Tallman.

“I don’t think anyone grows up thinking you’re going to be a drug addict.  I’m passed that now” said Daniel Willard.

“Being here at The Salvation Army made me realize I need to fight.  I even lost my kids.  I thank everybody willing to give me a second chance.  I thank God for delivering me from that addiction and I’m excited for new change” said Kristina Gibson.

Charles Woods seized the opportunity to express his extreme gratitude as his name was called to receive his certificate.  Woods began by thanking everyone who helped him with his recovery, including his wife and daughter, his counselors, Cecil Morris and men alongside him throughout his recovery.  “Life begins when you walk out that door.  The same things that got you here are still there” said Woods who offered a bit of guidance and wisdom to others still going through their recovery programs.

CSRC  Honorees (Corps Salvage Rehabilitation Center)

  • Ronald Gibson
  • Zachary Scott
  • Robert Tallman
  • Daniel Willard
  • Charles Woods

R.R.  Honorees (Residential Rehabilitation)

  • Michael Delevieleuse
  • Christopher Jones
  • Joseph Stanley

IOP  Honorees  (Intensive Outpatient Program)

  • Robert Arendt
  • Willie Green
  • Kristina Gibson
  • Michael Jones
  • Jesse Lundy
  • Willie McMillian
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Christopher Taylor

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Check out the photo gallery from the January 14, 2016 RCA Ceremony.