Our Families in Need

‘Helping local families during the holidays’

One of our most proud campaigns of the year is on the horizon, Neediest Families.  But this year the campaign will be slightly different.  Formerly known as ‘Neediest Families’ will now be called ‘Our Families in Need‘.  The campaign will utilize online platforms but the stories will still be available in traditional print formats as well.  Facebook will be instrumental in reaching people eager to read the stories of local families in need on a more personal level.  The online approach will also make it easier for people of all ages to donate to the campaign and help struggling families.
This new direction will also serve as a launching point for the ‘Our Families in Need‘ campaign to branch off into a year-round monthly giving program where families will be featured all year long.  The constant reminder of families in need will   hopefully encourage our generous donors    and supporters to contribute to the campaign   monthly!


For nearly two decades, the ‘Neediest Families’ campaign has helped hundreds of families in Coastal Alabama because of our proud partnership with the Alabama Media Group/Press Register and the generosity of the community.  Traditionally begun each Thanksgiving, The Salvation Army highlights the story of a family in need every week during the holiday season.  Their stories are heartbreaking and sometimes shocking, but many are also very inspiring.

The families profiled during the ‘Our Families in Need‘ campaign are only a sampling of those with need in our community.  They represent dozens of families throughout Coastal Alabama who are struggling to cope with health, finances, housing, employment and other concerns.  Some have been debilitated by chronic illness, while others have experienced unfortunate events that left them unable to provide for themselves.  When critical needs arise, The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama is ready to assist during the holidays and throughout the year.


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