Salvation Army Inaugural Recovery Walk

Throughout the month of September, people in recovery are learning and gaining a greater understanding that they are not alone.  All across the country, agencies are celebrating the achievements within the recovery community and their family…

Salvation Army Takes Over Times Square

The Salvation Army's European Refugee initiative being advertised live on the boards at Times Square in New York City.  

Coastal Alabama Recovery Walk

  September 25, 2015  |  7a.m.-10a.m.  | Salvation Army Area Command    Every September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and Health and Human Services (HHS), sponsors National Recovery…

RCA Ceremony September 10

Reflection Celebration Anticipation Ceremony On September 10th, The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama celebrated the completion of recovery programs for 10 men and women. Here is a list of the RCA Honorees for each program. Charles…