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It’s been a year since Steve Sloan left the Salvation Army to lead his own productive life.  He’s been sober for three years now, a far cry from where he was just a few years earlier.

Sloan was a heavy drinker.  He felt as if he needed a drink every day.  In fact, he says “things got so bad, I was even getting drunk at work”.  There was a time when he became so intoxicated on the job, he even quit!  What’s worse, he didn’t realize he had quit until the next day.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Things got so bad, I was even getting drunk at work”[/quote]

Compounding his problems, at the time Sloan was working at low paying jobs.  As a result, money wasn’t plentiful so he relied on roommates to help him pay the bills.  The kind of roommates he garnered also weren’t the best actually some of them were regular drug users.

At the height of Sloan’s troubles he remembers one particular day in Robertsdale, AL.  Sloan was walking over a bridge overlooking the water below.  It was a beautiful day with scenic views.  By that time even his close friends and family already shied away from him because of his extreme drinking habits.  It was at that moment, Sloan remembers speaking to God and thinking “I’m going to end up dead if I don’t do something, I need to do something.”  From that moment on, Sloan decided it was time to turn his life around.  “I’m ready to go to The Salvation Army and get my life together” said Sloan.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“I’m going to end up dead if I don’t do something”[/quote]

Once at the Salvation Army, Sloan admits initially he wasn’t fully committed to rehabilitation.  He didn’t have a strong support system from friends and family because many of them doubted his willingness to commit to rehab.  But when Sloan turned 30 years old everything changed, he had an epiphany.  Thirty years on this earth brought with it wisdom for Sloan and an IMG_4418unyielding desire to rid himself of his drinking problem.

Sloan started taking his treatment seriously.  He credits Project Able Program Manager, Larry Vahle and others at the Salvation Army for helping him stay motivated and focused.  Sloan became more involved around the Area Command in an attempt to remain focused on positive things.  Sloan’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed as he was eventually offered the job as a houseman, something he considers a big accomplishment and responsibility.  By this time, Sloan was determined “there was no turning back in my recovery”.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“I’m ready to go to The Salvation Army and get my life together”[/quote]

In the midst of his ongoing treatment, Sloan wanted to get back in school.  Sloan credits the Majors for supporting him and his efforts to pursue welding at Bishop State Community College.  His hard work once again was beginning to pay off in more ways than one.  Not only did his drinking habits subside, but his welding pursuits landed him a spot in a special program, designed IMG_4417for aspiring welders, with Austal, a ship building company.    Sloan was eventually hired by Austal and has been with the company for nearly a year and a half!

Sloan credits hard work, dedication and faith in God for helping him reclaim his life.  Now Sloan is a married man with a baby boy on the way.  He and his wife are also looking for a new house to call their own.


[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Keep your eyes on the prize”[/quote]

From drinking every day, struggling to make ends meet, to now having a good paying job, a wife, a kid on the way and Sloan Familyeventually a new home.  Sloan realized the direction his life was headed in and desired change.  The Salvation Army helped him change his life and Sloan couldn’t be more grateful.  Sloan hopes others struggling like he once did heeds his advice and understand “anything is possible” just “keep your eyes on the prize.”