Pageant Girls Donate to Salvation Army

Girls decorated with sashes and crowns brightened the day of many people at the Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama Friday morning. good 3

The girls are part of Global Elegance Productions (GEP).  GEP ‘is a natural pageant system that embraces young children, young ladies and women of all ages who want to experience the royal life’ and the organization says “giving back” is what they do best.   Evidence of the giving spirit was on full display for all to see as the girls and their families brought in bags full of socks, shirts, underwear and toiletries into the Area Command.


Salvation Army Development Director, Patricia Finkbohner explained to the girls their charitable efforts extend far and good 5beyond their wildest imaginations.  Finkbohner’s words ring especially true for the Willard family.  Madison Willard is one of the young girls part of GEP, her very donations could help her brother, Daniel Willard, who’s in one of the Salvation Army’s recovery programs.  His mother says she cannot thank the Salvation Army enough for helping turn her son’s life around.



The GEP donations serve as a tangible example of how The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama continues to ‘do the most good’.  Whether it’s donating clothes, good 1furniture, and money or volunteering, all of the charitable efforts from the community go directly into the Salvation Army and its programs.  It all comes full circle when people in need are rehabilitated and return home to loved ones, a day the Willards are anxiously awaiting.






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