30 Backpacks were donated to The Salvation Army Outpouring Center in Foley to give to the homeless.

Venture Scouts in Foley orchestrated the backpack giveaway.  The backpacks were filled with food, towels, two water bottles Backpacks 8and other toiletries.

Becca Michelle is the brainchild of the charitable effort.  The idea originated after noticed the level of poverty in parts of the community.  “As a cross country runner, I would often pass the homeless on my runs.  Seeing them struggle made me want to help” said Michelle.

Michelle and her friends apart of Venture Scouts began asking for donations from the community and received great responses.  The items collected were stuffed into 30 backpacks for those less fortunate.

Backpacks 3“I would like to thank the group for their hard work and their generosity, and their support of The Salvation Army and our mission.  We will make sure that the backpacks go to people who need them” said Lt. Jeremy Lind.





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