Drug & Alocohol


Dauphin Way Lodge

Dauphin Way Lodge is a state certified facility for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Clients have access to a variety of treatment programs that address the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of each client. Case management is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs – whether one needs four hours per month of counseling or 28 hours per week of counseling. Dauphin Way Lodge is directed by a team of masters-level counselors with special training in treating drug and alcohol dependencies.

Two programs are run under Dauphin Way Lodge:

Residential Rehabilitation

Residential Rehabilitation, (RR) is a six-month program for men who have completed a recovery program and who need a drug and alcohol free environment while getting back on their feet.

It provides a supportive, home-like atmosphere and continued support for those working to maintain sobriety. The goal of this program is to foster the client’s recovery so he can re-enter society as a sober, productive and independent citizen.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides counseling and treatment for both men and women, while they live at home and maintain regular jobs. Sessions are held during daytime and evening hours. Services are individualized based on client need.



‘Cross Roads’ CSRC Rehabilitation Program 

The ‘CrossRoads’ Work Therapy Rehabilitation Program (CSRC) is a six-month Christian based program focusing on work therapy and overcoming addictions. Participants work with a variety of departments within The     Salvation Army – thrift stores, security, maintenance, janitorial, etc. – as they rebuild a sense of routine, responsibility, and for many, self worth. Program participants  also have the benefits of group therapy, skilled counseling in clean and wholesome surroundings, and most importantly, spiritual guidance. They receive housing, nourishing meals and medical care. The program is available to men regardless of economic status, race, color or national origin.

The Work Therapy Rehabilitation Program is funded by the community’s donations of furniture, clothing, and household items, which are sold in Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores. Pickup service is provided, donations are tax deductible.