Lieutenant Jeremy Lind is beginning his journey as a Salvation Army officer in Foley.  He comes from a family legacy of serving The Salvation Army in Florida, and he’s eager to build his own legacy in Baldwin County.  IMG_4141

The 27 year old, grew up in Clearwater, FL.  The Salvation Army has always been an integral part of his life.  Lind’s parents became Salvation Army officers when he was in middle school.  While in college, Lind pondered over what he wanted to do in life.  It may come as no surprise he followed in the footsteps of his parents.  Lind says “it was a calling from God” for him to play a big role in the Salvation Army.

Lind trained to become a Salvation Army officer in Atlanta for two years.  Last year Lind was first introduced to Coastal Alabama during his training.  He interned at the Mobile Area Command during the busiest time of the year, Christmas.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]” was a calling from God”[/quote]

Lind is excited to kick-start his career in Foley.  “There’s a big difference in Foley compared to Atlanta” said Lind, but he says he’s adjusting.  “Baldwin County is so diverse, beach-like along the coast, and as you go farther north it becomes more rural” said Lind.  Despite the geographical differences, Lind knows every community has a needy population.

IMG_4138Lind is looking forward to being the face of The Salvation Army in Baldwin County because he feels he can make a difference.  “I like helping people who cannot help themselves.  I want to make sure everybody is taken care of because we’re all God’s children” said Lind.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”I like helping people who cannot help themselves”[/quote]

Lind wants to expand current services in Baldwin County.  He plans to grow the church beginning with Bible study.  “I want to start small by doing regular Bible study so people will know we’re here” said Lind.  He also wants to open a computer lab to help with job skills and provide internet access to those who need it.  As these ideas evolve and develop, Lind wants to have a GED program at the Outpouring Center.  Lind would also like to see regular performing arts including music and drama incorporated into the Outpouring Center.  LtLind

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”I want to start small by doing regular Bible Study”[/quote]

‘With God all things are possible’, and surely God will be with Lind every step of the way as he develops a solid footprint in Baldwin County.


Located at 620 N. McKenzie Street (Suites 100 & 200) in Foley, “The Outpouring” will host a mixture of worship activities as well as social services for our neighbors in need in Baldwin County. We are working with other Baldwin County agencies to determine the exact needs of the area, but our initial focus will be to provide:

  • Homeless Daytime Services
  • Home Sweet Home: a homeless prevention program for at-risk families
  • Youth Music Classes
  • Life Tree Cafe: a weekly cafe for people to gather, hear stories, and discuss topics of life and faith

To get involved with The Salvation Army’s The Outpouring, contact Lt. Jeremy Lind at 251-459-8123, or email him at