“We’ve Hit a Dry Spell”

The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama is extremely busy during the holidays.  (As many of you already know) 2014 Facts

Typically for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we feed around 1,000 people each year cooking about 80 turkeys and hams, 150 pounds of green beans and yams each.  But that’s just during the holidays, throughout all of 2014, 97,000 meals were served, we provided 54,000 nights of shelter and helped 3,200 families.

Obviously, we could not provide all of this assistance without our supporters, like you.  Whether it is sending kids to summer camp or hosting our annual Causeway Classic, we are very busy throughout the year.  However, during the summer months, we tend to hit a dry spell when it comes to donations.

Donating SeasonsWe hope you can help us during our time of most need, as we prepare for our busiest time of the year.  Whether it’s $5 dollars or $500 dollars it all helps us ‘do the most good’.