10 year old Joshua Buchanan and his 15 year old sister Shakorri Buchanan woke up at 6:20 in the morning, in the middle of     June.  Surely there has to be a good reason for kids their age to wake up that early while on summer vacation from school.  It was time for The Salvation Army Summer Camp.  Joshua couldn’t wipe the excitement off of his face as he uttered, “this is bro -sisgoing to be the best vacation!”

“This is going to be the best vacation!”

Joshua and Shakorri have been coming to The Salvation Army summer camp for several years.  Camp has become somewhat of a summer tradition for the two.  Shakorri utilized her summer camp experience by soaking up every bit of charge she can for her cell phone.  She knows the journey to Camp Hidden Lake in Mississippi usually takes about five hours.  Shakorri says she enjoys camp because she gets to meet new people, participate in activities and eat good food.

As the clock ticked closer towards departure time, other camp-goers started to arrive at The Salvation Army Citadel with their belongings and pillows in tow.  Camper Deschoddra Clark is 14 years old, and this year is her first time going to The Salvation Army summer camp.  She mostly wanted to go to camp because she simply “wanted to get out of the house.”

TayanaA notable standout among the group was 8 year old, Tayana Pettway.  This year marks her 3rd year attending The Salvation Army Summer Camp and she was literally jumping for joy.  For new campers they seemed anxious and excited.  Experienced campers on the other hand were excited to see each other again for a much anticipated highlight of the summer.

“I wanted to get out of the house”

Once these children return from camp, another local group will go to camp for a week.  In all 38 kids are expected to attend camp.

Throughout the week-long camp, the kids will get to enjoy the outdoors, meet new friends and have fun with games and activities.  Camp Hidden Lake sits on 400 acres in Central Mississippi and offers a retreat for many youth who only know city life.  Each camper receives three meals a day plus snacks while they attend camp.  This is usually more food than they get at home and all the food is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The meals and snacks are also at no cost to the campers and their families. IMG_4052

The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama would not be able to offer this great opportunity to these children without the kind donations from supporters.

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