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Apr 25, 2024


What did you like best about Camp Hidden Lake?

“I got to meet a whole bunch of new people at Camp. I liked it a lot because all these people were like me, so I could relate a lot to them. We were able to talk and play games together because we were like each other. Even my little sister said she had the most fun in her life here.”

What did you do at camp?

“We fish, swim in the lake, and kayak. I really like fishing. I caught my first ever bluegill and yellow belly. And we had a Country Fair day with carnival games. It was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had. That’s the most toys I’ve gotten in one day in my entire life.”

Campers will enjoy long, hot summer days and star-filled nights, refreshing dips in the Olympic-sized pool, campfire stories with friends, roasting marshmallows late into the evening, cabin devotions and pillow fights, and spending time with old friends while making new ones.

They have their pick of activities from music lessons, Bible Study, arts and crafts courses, emblem work, swimming, fishing, ropes course, rock wall climbing, and many other activities. They are taught new skills, healthy attitudes, and great values!

What did you learn at camp?

“To be kinder and respect other people. I have more patience now. We also have Bible class every day. Also, we have the freedom at camp to speak about our problems. One of the questions we were asked was, ‘What would you like not to do when you grow up?’ I said not to be a drug addict and not to drink alcohol. That’s something I’m not going to do.”

What would you tell people about Camp Hidden Lake?

“Well, I’d tell them it’s fun and if they can go, then they should go. Because it helps a lot, you get to meet new people, and the counselors are great. And the Camp food is really good!”

As in all of its programs, The Salvation Army views camping holistically, a ministry that addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of children. Following summer camp, The Salvation Army continues its care for children and their families at the local level, primarily through its Corps’ community centers.

For many children from troubled homes, Camp Hidden Lakes is a refuge of safety and peace- where they are loved, heard, and helped.

Many children are waiting to hear if they can go to summer camp, so become a donor now and change a child’s life!

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