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Camp Hidden Lake 2023

Every year, thousands of kids of all ages get a fresh perspective on life as they meet new friends, discover new activities, and experience the great outdoors through The Salvation Army’s summer camp program. The 300-acre camp experience in Lexington, MS, hosts swimming lessons, adventure and scouting camps, arts and crafts, sporting events, music development, canoeing, and campfires.

Summer camp sessions provide a structured and positive environment, with certified counselors trained to keep kids active and safe while helping them navigate complicated emotional issues, sensitive topics, and special needs. Campers learn to swim, play sports, create music, make art, and scout while building relationships with other kids and their world. Camp Hidden Lake offers never-before-experienced adventures and opportunities for many children.

Camp Hidden Lake Arcade 2023 Schedule

Adventure Arcade Camp 1


June 19th- 24th

Ages 6-17

Adventure Arcade Camp 2


July 3rd-8th

Ages 6-17

Adventure Arcade Camp 3


July 17th-22nd

Ages 6-17

Music & Jr. Soldier Camp

June 19th- 24th

Ages 7-17

Senior Conservatory

June 26-July 15th

Ages 12-17


July 10th- 15th

Ages 8-17

Favorite Part of Camp

Camp Hidden Lake happens once a year, bringing peace and joy to children who often don’t get to just be a kid. For a few weeks out of the year, they are allowed to live in the moment and make friends in a safe and inviting environment.

“Camp is a place where these kids can come and get three meals a day, snacks, and never have to think about what they’re going to eat. They know that no promise will be broken when something is promised at camp (fun programs, recreation, etc.). A lot of our kids receive a lot of promises in life that never come true. For the time that they are here at camp, that’s not going to happen,” Captain Michael Good, Divisional Youth Secretary, shared.

“I get so excited that for the first time in many of their lives, especially after the year that we just had, these kids can just be kids. There comes the point at camp where you’re just standing there, maybe in the center of camp, and you hear the noises of camp. The splashing and yelling from the pool, or you hear the archery instructor saying “Pull!” or you hear kids dribbling balls on the basketball court. You start to hear the sounds of camp, and you realize that, for that time, they’re safe, they’re happy, they’re full. That’s what matters. That’s what I’m really excited about.”

We believe every child should get to experience summer camp—exploring nature, learning new skills, developing confidence, and building life-long friendships in a fun and nurturing environment. We provide that experience for campers every summer at The Salvation Army’s Camp Hidden Lake, but we need your help.

Camp Hidden Lake is funded through donations to make the summer camp experience available to all children. Visit SalArmyCamp.org to donate today!