Water Bill Assistance

The H2O Foundation assists low-income elderly and disabled Birmingham Water Works customers with paying their water and sewer bill and with plumbing repair customers with paying their water and sewer bill and with plumbing repair. The Salvation Army-Birmingham Area Command administers this vital program. Since its inception in 2003, many of our deserving residents have received help from the H2O Foundation.

To see if you qualify for assistance, view the eligibility requirements

You can help this philanthropic cause by checking the box located on your water bill to donate to the H2O Foundation. The amount you specify will be donated monthly until you specify otherwise. If you would like to make a one-time donation to the H2O Foundation, make check payable to: H2O Foundation, PO Box 830110 Birmingham, AL 35283-0110 or make your payment online.

If you need assistance with paying your water bill, please contact The Salvation Army at 205.328.2420 to see if you qualify.

Project SHARE

The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham administers the only registered Project SHARE, or Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy,  in Alabama in partnership with Alabama Power and the rural electric cooperatives.  Project SHARE provides emergency energy assistance to elderly and disabled Alabamians in peak winter and summer months. This program was previously  administered by the American Red Cross.

The Project SHARE program began December 15, 1982.  It is the intent of Project SHARE to help meet the energy needs of qualified head of household individuals with limited income who are either elderly or disabled.  Individuals should not be employed and should be facing financial challenges with payment of energy bills. Eligibility criteria, allocations and program guidelines can change from year to year based on funding and other conditions.

The program assists Alabamians in 59 counties statewide. Since it was established 34 years ago, the program has provided $38,403,713.28 in assistance to 385,834 families.

Ways to Give 

Project SHARE is funded primarily by contributions from the customers of Alabama Power Company. Customers simply pledge to donate $1, $2, $5, $10 or any other whole-dollar amount to Project SHARE by checking the box on their monthly utility bill. This amount is conveniently added to each monthly bill and all donations will be forwarded to The Salvation Army. These donations will be spent assisting neighbors across Alabama that need assistance paying their power bill.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to assist neighbors in Alabama, you can give directly to Project SHARE through The Salvation Army.

Donate by Mail: The Salvation Army, 2015 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234, Please designate ‘Project SHARE’ on all checks, or

Donate by Phone: Call (205) 328-2420 to make your donation, please designate your gift for Project SHARE.