The Salvation Army Continues To Do The Most Good

Can you imagine the fear of when a tornado touches down over or near your home? Hearing that roar that sounds like a freight train. Feeling terrified as you go to the safest place in your house and pray that your family and your house will be spared. Hopefully, you and your loved ones survived the storm, but everything else that made your house your home—your family photos, your grandmother’s crystal you inherited, furniture, clothes, your bedrooms, your kitchen, and more are all gone or damaged.
The disaster relief team from The Salvation Army of Birmingham saw many of those affected by the Fultondale tornado still trying to wrap their arms about what happened. They were traumatized and stunned. So many residents said the whole situation seemed surreal; How one day your house is where it always is, and then the next morning, most of it gone.
As each person was trying to make sense of what has happened, The Salvation Army was there to provide the necessities to help them get by each day. “It’s amazing what a difference basic needs like water and food, as well as toilet paper, towels, toothpaste, soap, trash bags, and blankets can make to a family who have lost so much,” stated Victoria Salinas, one of the disaster team members from The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham. “So many people are appreciative, and they always thank The Salvation Army for all we do.”
As of January 27, 433 meals have been served, 496 drinks, 555 snacks, 9 blankets and 14 comfort kits, 14 tarps, 3 infant supplies and 13 cases of water. During the next 24-48 hours, The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham is planning to continue with breakfast and dinner, and will continue to partner with the large number of community groups for the lunch service.