The Center of Hope Partners to Provide Free Ultrasounds to Expectant Mothers

By: Cyrondys Jackson

BIRMINGHAM, AL, February2, 2022- For expectant mothers experiencing homelessness, obstetric care and services can be difficult to establish, and health and nutritional challenges during pregnancy lead to poor pregnancy outcomes. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, “poor pregnancy outcomes” has been identified as the third greatest health concern in Alabama, and babies born in Alabama are 25 percent more likely to be low birth weight than the average birth weight in the United States.

Factors such as low birth rates continue to increase infant mortality rates in the state, and The Salvation Army Greater Birmingham Area Command is doing its part to improve pregnancy outcomes for the mothers we serve.

The Social Services Department is teaming up with Image Clear Ultrasound to provide free sonograms to expectant mothers at The Center of Hope.  Phyllis Lewis, Director of Social Services, says, “This is a much-needed resource for many of the women who come to us for help.  Not only are they seeking a safe place to stay, but many are also in need of services that will improve the health outcomes for themselves and their baby.”

Babies born at a low birth rate are 20 times more likely to die as those born at a normal birth weight, and two-thirds of infant deaths are low birth weight babies, says ADPH.

The ultrasound services are free and conducted by a licensed sonographer inside a mobile unit.  This unit can travel throughout the community to meet expectant mothers where they are.

For more information, please contact the Social Services Department at 205-328-2420 or click here.