COVID-19 Financial Help

What if losing a job, even temporarily, means you need emergency funds because you can’t pay your rent? Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, many people are experiencing unexpected difficulties. One of them was Kiera, a single mother of three living outside of Birmingham. She had been working in the service industry for over two years at a local school when COVID-19 struck. She then became temporarily laid off and had to file for unemployment.
After her unemployment ran out, Kiera soon faced the challenge to pay her rent. “I knew I needed financial help,” she said. “Not only did my daughter’s father miss his child support payment, I had nothing coming in…I was so frustrated and upset.”
Fortunately, Kiera found out about The Salvation Army’s COVID-19 financial assistance program. The program was designed to provide emergency rental, mortgage and/or utility bill assistance to those facing financial hardships because of the coronavirus pandemic. The rental assistance helps with rent, so that those affected will be able to use their limited funds on other necessities.
“I am so grateful,” said Kiera. Not only was she able to pay her rent, but she will be returning to work soon. “The financial help couldn’t have come at a better time for me,” said Kiera. “It’s good to know that a place like The Salvation Army exists. I would recommend The Salvation Army to everyone.”
If you or someone you know needs financial assistance because of COVID-19, please contact The Salvation Army at 205.328.4536, Monday – Friday between 9 AM – 4 PM for more information.

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