Center of Hope Receives $100,000 to Combat Homelessness

By:  Cyrondys Jackson

Major Robert Lyle (center) poses for a photo with the Navigate Affordable Housing Partners team

(Birmingham, AL)- On Giving Tuesday, The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham received a welcomed financial boost to combat homelessness in the Greater Birmingham area.  Navigate Affordable Housing Partners   , a nonprofit that works to enhance the housing industry by ensuring people have access to quality, livable housing choices, made a $100,000 donation to The Greater Birmingham Area Command.  The funds will be used for homeless programs and services.

Lisa McCarroll, CEO of Navigate Affordable Housing Partners said the partnership with The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham  is a perfect fit.  “The programs and services offered through The Center of Hope provide the foundation for sustainable communities by improving the lives of people living in the community.”

Escorted by Major Robert Lyle, Area Commander and John Stamps, Director of Operations, McCarroll and her team toured The Center of Hope, getting a first-person glimpse of the men’s and women’s housing units and shelters, the clothing closet, education and workforce development classrooms, and the food pantry.

“When a man, woman, or child comes to the Center of Hope, we are able to make a connection and provide the support they need to reach their God-given purpose.  We are here to meet the needs they may be struggling with, whether it’s food insecurity, homelessness, or looking for a better educational or career opportunity, we are committed to helping them along the way,” said Major Robert Lyle, Area Commander.

To learn more about the programs and services offered at The Center of Hope, click here.