Bad Luck Turns to Good Luck

There is an age-old superstition that says that bad luck can come in threes.   For Shelly, from Adamsville, this adage proved to be true.  She was already struggling with the loss of her mother (who she had cared for) who died from a stroke, when her sister died suddenly. Then, after her grandson came to live with her, her work announced that there would be a 10% cut in her salary, and she would not get a living expense increase due to COVID.  This posed a problem for her since her husband is retired and she is the sole provider. “A cut of even 10% in salary can make a huge difference,” she said.

Because her priority was taking care of her family’s immediate needs, Shelly was soon incurring notices about late rent and utility payments.  “I had always been the one at work that everyone came to about their problems, and now I realized that I needed help.”

She was grateful that someone at her work told her about The Salvation Army’s financial support program for those who were affected by COVID.  “It was hard for me initially to ask for financial support because I never needed it before.”  But soon her fears were allayed when she walked in the door of The Salvation Army.  “Everyone was so kind and even helped me with the paperwork.  They made the whole process painless,” Shelly said.  “The whole experience helped to lift a great burden off my shoulders and feel closer to GOD,” she said.   “It’s good to know that there is a place that you can reach out to that doesn’t judge you when you need help.”

Name and image have been changed