“They were angels in disguise,” stated Donna, age 69 of Forestdale.   “They couldn’t have been more kind and helpful.” These just are a few of the words that Donna had to say about the Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham Command after she received financial assistance for her water bill.  “I had just broken my hip and was way behind on my water bill payment, “stated Donna. “I just didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.”

Fortunately, the water company told Donna about the H20 Foundation, one of the services that the Salvation Army administers for financial assistance.   The foundation assists low-income elderly and disabled Birmingham Water Works customers with paying their water and sewer bill and with plumbing repair. “I was so grateful to learn about the program,” she said. “I feel blessed.”  To find out more about the H20 foundation and its requirements, go to