The Salvation Army offers several scouting type programs for young people. The Salvation Army is committed to sharing God’s love and message of Jesus Christ and hope through actively meeting human needs in His name without discrimination. Additionally, we offer a number of positive ministry programs and events for young people that will help them to develop an unwavering and a non–dualistic character while at the same time helping them to grow in an understanding of God’s love through a life long relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunbeams and Girl Guards are programs for young girls which allow them to mature as Christian young women while having fun and learning.

The Adventure Corps is a program that helps boys grow into Christian young men.  By setting goals and providing badges for a job well-done, this program promotes Christian and community awareness.

The Moonbeams program is a holistic Christian Education experience for girls and boys in pre-k and kindergarten.

To promote future leadership in The Salvation Army, Corps Cadets take a role as servant-leaders in the church.  These young men and women take their responsibility seriously as the Army’s future leaders.

More about The Salvation Army youth programs here.

School for the Performing Arts

Giving disadvantaged and at–risk children an opportunity to learn the arts. SPA offers disadvantaged and at-risk children the opportunity to experience the joy of learning a variety of performing arts skills including: visual arts, dance, drama, brass band, guitar, creative writing, music in motion, piano, voice, and hand bells. This program is open to young people registered in 1-12 grade.

Location of Program:
4025 West Brookstown
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Hours of program:
Monday evening from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Our schedule coincides with the East Baton Rouge Parish school year schedule.

Summer Camp

Camp Hidden Lake Camp Hidden Lake exists to support the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development of children, youth and adults. Through the years many have "found themselves" at Camp Hidden Lake through the quality camping programs offered each summer. Some learn a new skill, others develop relationships that empower, all encounter a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

More about our summer camp here.

If you know of a child, or children, that may benefit from The Salvation Army’s youth programs, contact Cierra Chavis.

  • Cierra Chavis
    Youth Coordinator