I have learned that I’m a strong person, that I can overcome things and push forward through life. I was leaving with my mom and my dad, and it wasn’t really a good home situation. So when I moved in with my aunt, her kids were already coming to The Salvation Army, so I began to go with them.

I’ve been at two Salvation Army camps over the summer. I’m going again this year, and they’re great. I love it because it just allows me to make your bonds through Christ and to be around people who share the same interest in me. The Salvation Army Summer Camp also allows me to grow my skills because there are different classes like band, theatre, dancing, scripture reading, etc.

There’s like different classes you could take to improve your skills, and I have become a really great actress because of these classes.


At The Salvation Army Summer Camp, I learned to forgive my parents for me, not for anybody else and everything I have grown as a person is because of the Salvation Army.


The outcome that I see is children growing into disciples and followers of God, I even see adults coming to God for the first time in their lives in this church. All this because of people who invest in them, thanks to those donations, we have the opportunity to get away from the streets.

We want to have the opportunity to learn forgiveness, to make new friendships, or to even know God deeply. I’ve learned that no matter what I go through, no matter of any hardships, happiness or sadness, that I will always have a place to call home. The Salvation Army is my home.



When you invest in The Salvation Army, you help us to improve the reality of thousands of people in our city.