Mayor Melvin “Kip” Holden honors The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge for 110 years of Doing the Most Good

Baton Rouge, LA (July 21, 2015) — The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge celebrates 110 years of Doing The Most Good. To commemorate this special occasion, Mayor “Kip” Holden will present Captains Brett and Mary Meredith with a proclamation declaring July 2nd, 2015 as Salvation Army Day.

In doing this, Mayor Holden recognizes the contribution and service of the local corps in the Greater Baton Rouge community. Last year, The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge touched the lives of more than 25,000 individuals in the nine Parish service area, providing those with addictions, financial, emotional, material, and spiritual needs a sense of hope, dignity and opportunity.

“At the Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge, we stand ready to offer a hot meal and a warm bed, but we can also help men overcome addiction, learn a new occupational skill, and get children back to the outdoors at summer camp or help them learn about safety at our Day Camp,” stated Captain Brett Meredith.

Today, Mayor Holden will see The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge’s services at work. Mayor Holden will be at The Greater Baton Rouge command serving lunch to the men in the alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. This program gives men an opportunity to successfully rebuild their lives while overcoming addiction and homelessness. Last year, The Salvation Army’s alcohol and drug rehabilitation center enrolled 145 men. Through this program, these men have received GED’s, obtained employment, completed financial literacy courses, and obtained permanent housing.

“This is how we live out our promise of “Doing the Most Good.” Where there is a need, we will be there to help!” stated Captain Brett Meredith

To support The Salvation Army, you can call 1-800-SALARMY or give online at www.salvationarmyalm.org

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