Meet Drexler. 

His life was changed one day at The Salvation Army! It was there he found his calling. 

Every year, The Salvation army faces disasters. Natural events that can change a city forever. But some disasters are personal.   

Drexler lost his mom to Alzheimer’s at 14 and at 15 she didn’t recognize him.  He then turned to alcohol. Drexler says he drank himself to the streets, out of job and out of any support.  After listening to a persistent friend giving him advice, he turned to The Salvation Army.

Shortly after his stay, floods hit Baton Rouge. It was then he found meaning in his life, volunteering with disaster relief.  More and more he realized God allowed him to use his life experiences of being homeless and a slave to alcohol to serve those who need The Salvation Army and the change and hope it provides. 

Drexler serves proudly today, as a new man, giving back, and making his community stronger.




“If it weren’t for The Salvation Army, the city of Baton Rouge would be chaotic,” says Drexler.  “I believe there would be more people without hope, more homeless, and the crime rate would be higher.”

Thanks to friends like you, The Salvation Army was there for Drexler, fighting for good. “I thank God for The Salvation Army,” shares Drexler.

There are many others, like Drexler, who need our help and hope, but we can’t do it alone. 


Will you join in the fight for good by donating today?