From resistance to restorationMy restoration story begins with years of living life on the street, homeless, hungry and battling addiction, Brandon McGill came to a moment of crisis during a rare, heavy snowfall in Baton Rouge. Having burned bridges with his family and friends, he turned to the one place he knew would be there for him with care and compassion. At The Salvation Army Corps Recovery Center, Brandon found the courage to finally leave his old life behind. He dropped his mask of pride and surrendered his life and heart to God.

Brandon spent many desperate years resisting the call to a better way but has put the resistance aside for good. He has maintained the discipline of sobriety, graduated from The Salvation Army’s recovery program and found a full-time job as a chef. Brandon’s goals are to be responsible and productive with his gifts, set a good example for his child and give back to the community. With a smile, he said, “I’m content and happy about Brandon today!”