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Officer provides care to one of his own employees following Nate

Biloxi, MS – Like the entire Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Division of The Salvation Army, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Command’s, Major Gary Sturdivant watched and prayed as Hurricane Nate made landfall right in the middle of his service area. His prayers were answered as Nate brought wind, rain, and storm surge up and down the […]

The Salvation Army alerts all units to standby with strengthening, predicted track of Nate

Jackson, MS – As tropical depression 16 strengthened into Tropical Storm Nate Thursday, The Salvation Army of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi is placing all units within the three-state division on standby. Officials have also recalled equipment and personnel from disaster assignments in other states as Nate is forecast to make landfall Sunday. “Our officers, staff, […]

Following Irma work, I’m thankful for family

Walking into an area affected by disaster, you never know what to expect. There’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot you can’t control. In a way, you become like those you’ve come to help. The one thing you can control is how you react to those in need. Our incident commander, Major Ernest Hull, New […]

Officer’s prayer bracelets open conversation leading to salvation

Sebring, FL (September 16, 2017) – Emotional and spiritual care during disaster and emergency situations is why The Salvation Army stands out after the unthinkable happens. Not only do survivors need their physical needs taken care of, but just having someone to talk to can make all the difference. Meridian, Mississippi Corps Officer, Major Young […]

Partnership helps The Salvation Army in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi deploy needed resources to Florida following Irma

JACKSON, MS – When helping thousands in need following two major hurricanes, it is vital to have the support of community organizations and local businesses inside and outside the impacted area. “Even as large as The Salvation Army is with its many officers, staff and volunteers, no one organization can do the job alone,” said Terry […]