The 2016 Annual Report Templates

This year, you can customize your report with your choice from 5 cover options and also choose (2) stories from among nine story options.
You may choose between a format designed to be printed professionally or one designed for you to print in–house. The Professional Print Template is 8″ X 5.5″ landscape layout. The In-House Template is formatted to print on standard 8.5″x11″ paper on any printer.

As a service to you, we obtained quotes from 2 printing companies, Hederman Brothers and Dallas Printing. Of course, you may use any printer of your choice, these are just two available options.

Hederman Brothers quote for the Professional Print template:
250 reports = $584

Dallas Printing quote for the Professional Print template:
250 reports = $571
500 reports = $714
1000 reports = $996

Be sure to check the box indicating which template, cover, and (2) stories you want to use.