Breaking the Cycle

Not having a support system after moving back to her home state, Angel and her daughters lived off of savings in a hotel room. When those funds were exhausted, they turned to living in their car, having to rely on hospital bathrooms for personal hygiene. Angel kept her daughters preoccupied by spending their free time at the public library.

“I fell asleep at police departments sometimes just so that I could know that they were safe,” Angel shared. “I didn’t get much sleep during that time. At night, that’s when it hits you. When it gets dark, and you lock your doors, and the kids are asleep,” she continued. Angel says she would often stay up all night watching over her girls. Her health was failing as a result. Looking back, she doesn’t know how she was able to function during that time, but she can see that the experience brought her closer to God.

“I had to learn to keep moving forward, even when I was scared. I didn’t want to see myself as a victim anymore,” Angel said. “I’m glad I’ve experienced this so that I can tell the next single mother who is suffering in silence that she does not have to go through this alone.”

Angel was referred to The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program, where she was provided a caseworker who would help her break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. “It was a genuine support system. They truly care and get down on the level that you are on and feel what you are going through,” Angel said.

After a year of counseling and help through the Pathway of Hope, Angel and her girls are now living in the comfort and security of their own apartment. All three are thriving in their new lives. Angel is working hard with the help of The Salvation Army to ensure that it stays this way.

“I am grateful to The Salvation Army and my caseworker for allowing me to be human and letting me know that I wasn’t alone,” Angel said. “There was constant communication to see how they could serve us. They’re here to help me ensure that homelessness doesn’t happen to my family again.”