A Donation of Transportation

When The Salvation Army goes to meet the needs of the community, it is always with the help and support of community contributions. Donations of funds or food or volunteer hours help The Salvation Army continue “Doing The Most Good” around the world. Recently, as Hurricane Dorian was moving closer to the coast, it was a donation of transportation that helped move water and supplies to those in need.

“We try to do things the right way. Our company began in March of 1990, and since then we have been successful, so we think it’s important to give back,” says John Stomps, the President and CEO of Total Transportation of Mississippi. When The Salvation Army asked for his support, he sent a truck to help transport needed supplies. He describes it as part of a culture of giving back to the community. “What we do, we do it because we can. When people are in need, if you have the ability, should step up,” he says.

This was not the first time The Salvation Army has called John for help. He has used his company to help serve the community in a myriad of ways, from transporting water and supplies to disaster survivors to helping in the fight against human trafficking, ensuring that his drivers are trained to recognize and report instances of human trafficking. His relationship with The Salvation Army began in the way many people come to learn about The Salvation Army, helping to share toys and gifts for the Angel Tree. “It began with us hauling toys around Christmas time. And then about four years ago I got a call from The Salvation Army asking for some assistance with a hurricane, where we hauled a mobile feeding unit down to Florida,” says Stomps.

Transporting over long distances is a costly endeavor. Fuel, drivers, and other expenses can add up over long distances. This is simply a part of the industry of transportation that touches nearly every product Americans buy. During times of disaster, those same costs are a significant part of any public or private organization’s response efforts. For The Salvation Army, on-call for whatever local and regional needs may arise, those costs are a substantial component of operational planning. John Stomps and Total Transportation of Mississippi’s partnership with The Salvation Army, by repeatedly and generously offering free transport of needed supplies for disaster relief efforts, is of immense value.

The Salvation Army’s mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Helping meet the needs of communities facing recovery from disasters is a core part of that mission. It is a mission that can continue thanks to the support of individual donors, local businesses, and community leaders like John Stomps who are “Doing The Most Good” for their neighbors in need.