Hope & A Future

Capital Campaign for The Red Shield Lodge shelter in Tupelo, Mississippi

A capital campaign effort is underway to raise the funds needed to make additions and improvements to our current Red Shield Lodge facility. You can donate to this campaign online via the form on this page. Every donation makes a difference! You can also contribute gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, marketable real estate and/or other appreciated and appraisable possessions. Call Major Jeff Daniel at 662-680-2757 for more information. You can also view a PDF version of our brochure here.

Our Vision:

  • New Red Shield Lodge
  • Five Family Rooms
  • New tables & chairs for dining/meeting
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Classroom & Office Renovations
  • Gym Renovations
  • Chapel Renovations

The Red Shield Lodge currently accommodates up to 13 men and 10 women. Shelter residents sleep in a dormitory setting. When more people seek shelter, cots are placed in the gymnasium. This often happens during very cold and very hot weather. Last year, shelter was provided to 487 adults and 24 children. Every week, 3 – 4 families, 3 – 4 women and 10 – 11 men are turned away.

There are no family rooms at our existing shelter. Homeless families sleep in the women’s dormitory. In some cases, older male children must sleep in the men’s dormitory. This causes some homeless families to not stay. The only other shelters in our area are specifically for domestic violence victims.

Helping homeless individuals and families find permanent housing and an independent life is a major focus for us. Shelter residents are required to, with the help of Salvation Army staff, create a plan for independence. The Salvation Army then puts shelter residents in touch with partner agencies who can also help. Finding employment is a major priority. The Salvation Army even transports people to their work. Working shelter residents are required to save a percentage of their earnings in preparation for finding permanent housing.

  • Major Jeff Daniel