Frequently Asked Questions


What does The Salvation Army do?

It is hard to list everything that The Salvation Army does since it does everything from feeding starving children and families to natural disaster recovery and more. We battle against poverty, addiction and homelessness. We are a kind face to comfort the sick and elderly, a wise spirit to support the education of all ages, and a giving heart to address need wherever it occurs. For more information about specific activities and programs offered, please see the Services portion of our web site.

How much of your money goes to administration?

The Salvation Army makes every effort to ensure that the maximum possible amount from donations reaches those in need. 82 cents of every dollar we collect goes directly to assist the homeless, the mentally ill, the physically challenged, victims of drug and alcohol abuse, and others under our care. When you donate to a disaster 100% of your donation goes to disaster victims.

Is The Salvation Army really an army?

The Salvation Army is not a physical army but rather a global army of people moved to humanitarian action through faith.

Does The Salvation Army help only those of a certain religion?

The Salvation Army pledges to help people of all religions, as well as those with no religious base. We have an official “position statement” that says: “All social welfare services to individuals or families are given without discrimination, according to the capacity of the organization to serve in meeting the needs of those involved.”

Do you have to join The Salvation Army church before The Army will help you?

No. We respect those who come to us in need, whatever their beliefs may be. We try to establish an environment in which spiritual choice is possible.

Does The Salvation Army discriminate in its delivery of services against those of a particular race or sexual orientation?

We strive to meet the needs of vulnerable groups and those overlooked or ignored in our communities. We make no distinction based on ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Does The Salvation Army help only senior citizens?

The Salvation Army helps people of all ages. Young people benefit from many of our services including clubs, homework havens and tutoring programs, which provide a safe environment for children and teens. Other beneficiaries of our services include single mothers, abused women, drug and alcohol addicts, the homeless and the physically challenged.

Does The Salvation Army help only those who are beyond rehabilitation?

The Army believes that everyone has the capacity to determine a solution for their problems. A great many of our programs are directed at helping people turn their lives around. Every year, we help thousands of individuals find their way to a better life for themselves and their families.