Our Mission at The Salvation Army After School Enrichment Program is being committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and creative environment for students to experience each other and their community. The program promotes individual self-esteem and provides opportunities for recreation and creative learning experiences through academics, health & fitness, life skills, and the arts . A large part of our program’s strength is based in our integration with the Jackson Public School curriculum and community. ***Your child’s immunization record is needed upon acceptance******See Application Attached

· To help students meet the Mississippi Department of Education’s Content Standard through the quality curriculum
· To enhance positive student development that supports learning in a safe environment, and promotes a strong relationship with parents and teachers, and community involvement.
· To increase students’ motivation to learn through a variety of methods.
· To encourage and nurture students’ creativity.
· To have fun.

Areas of Concentration
· Homework Assistance/Tutoring
· Character Building
· Fitness/Recreation/Sports
· Expressive Arts
· Reading Enrichment
· Daily Snack and Dinner

Description of Key Areas:

This club will develop a love and respect for books as students participate in storytelling and developing reading skills through a variety of activities including creating their own books and journals.

This club will assist students in expressing themselves through a variety of creative activities involving art, music, dance, and drama.

This club will help to empower students to take charge of themselves by giving them the knowledge, skills and motivation to achieve their personal best in life through: socials skills, decision making, problem solving, drug use prevention, character education, and environmental skills.

SPORTS MANIA (1st -8th grade)
Students will have the opportunity to compete in different sporting events and activities to include team competitions and Olympic style games.


Monday – Thursday
2:30 -3:00 Sign in/Homework
3:00-3:20 Snack
3:20-3:30 Transition
3:30-4:00 Homework
4:00 – 4:30 Reading Enrichment
4:30-5:00 Physical Fitness (Mondays & Wednesdays)
Expressive Art/Career Awareness (Tuesdays)
Character Building/Life Skills (Thursdays)
Anti-Bullying (Wednesdays)
5:00 – 5:30 Dinner
5:30 Free Time
6:00 Sign out

2:30-3:00 Sign in
3:00 Snack/Transition
3:30 – 5:00 Team Sports/Games
5:00 – 5:30 Dinner
5:30 Free Time
6:00 Sign out


Tuition is $114 per month, per child not including transportation. Tuition is solely dependant on the number of weeks the children are in school per Fall/Spring Term.


A nonrefundable registration fee of $50 is required for each child in order to secure a slot. Late fees:

· A late fee is charged when children are not picked up on time. There is a five minute grace period from 6:00 pm to 6:05 pm; after 6:05 pm, a late fee of $5 every 5 minutes thereafter.
· A late fee of $10 per child will be assessed for late tuition payments.
· Returned check fee: $35.
· Transportation Fee: $40 per month.

Please click the link below for the registration form

2016 Fall After School Enrichment Program

The Salvation Army Worship & Service Center
570 East Beasley Road
Jackson MS 39206
Phone:   601-398-0998
Fax:     769-251-0684