Requirements for Emergency Assistance

Every time you come in for assistance you will need to bring the following:

1.    One Type of Identification (ID) for everyone living in the household.

Examples: Birth Certificate, Driver Licenses and Picture ID

2.    Written Verification of ALL HOUSEHOLD INCOME – If you have no other income beside Food Stamps and/or TANF you will need a release of information form from your caseworker through DHS

A.    Printout from the Food Stamp, Child Support and/or TANF
B.    Copy of Pay stubs for yourself and others in the house (RECENT pay check stubs)
C.    Printout for your Social Security, SSI, and/or Veterans Income
D.    Any other income such as Direct Deposit, Retirement, Unemployment, Alimony
E.    Written statement from family or friends that help or have helped pay your bills

3.    Proof of ALL BILLS paid on a MONTHLY BASIS

a.    Rent/ Mortgage                   e. Car Payment                      I. Loans
b.    All Utility Bills                   f. Rental Payments                j. Any Type of Insurance
c.    Phone/ Cellular Bill            g. All Credit Cards                k. Medical/Medicine
d.    Cable/ Satellite Bill             h. Furniture                            l. Daycare

4.    The Salvation Army only assists with utilities bill (water, light and gas) and rental and mortgage.  If you are seeking assistance for an utility bill, you must have the current bill. In certain situations, The Salvation Army will accept the disconnect notice. (Bills MUST be in the name of the client who is seeking the assistance and living at the current address.)

Each case will be determined upon your emergency if you will be assisted. Not every time you come in you are guaranteed to be assisted with your needs. If The Salvation Army cannot assist, we will do our best to give you other agencies that might be able to assist you.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
(8 walk-ins on a daily basis)

8:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.
1:00 P.M. – 3:30 PM