ChristmasThe Salvation Army Angel Tree program has been set in place to provide assistance during Christmas to families in financial need.

  • Children: 0-15
  • Seniors: 65+

Residents of Hinds, Rankin, Scott, Copiah, Madison and Yazoo County are eligible to apply for our Angel Tree assistance program.

2017 Angel Tree Registration

Registration: 9am to 1pm 

October 2nd: Registration for Copiah, Yazoo and Scott Counties

October 3rd–6th: Registration for Hinds, Rankin and Madison Counties
October 7th: Registration limited to first 150

  • October 3rd – October 7th Registration:  570 E. Beasley Road, Jackson 39206

***to participate in the October 3rd-October 7th registration dates, you must come by 110 Presto Lane, Jackson 39206 to pick up your appointment card beginning Tuesday, September 5th***

  • October 2nd Copiah County: Hazelhurst City Hall, 209 South Extension Street
  • October 2nd Scott County: Excel Community and Learning Center, 383 S. Fourth Street, Morton
  • October 2nd Yazoo County: Triangle Cultural Center, 332 North Main, Yazoo City

If you have received Angel Tree assistance for 5 consecutive years, you will not be able to receive assistance this year.

Children Angel Requirements (0-15)
1. Original Birth certificates
2. Picture ID (Driver’s license, government issued ID)
3. Proof of all income or if you are supported by another adult, you must provide their income
(employment, unemployment, child support, food stamps, alimony, TANF, Social Security, etc)
4. Proof of all household expenses
(utility bills, cell phone bills, insurance (car, medical), cable, rent/mortgage, childcare, etc)
5. Court documents showing custody (if applicable)
6. College Student: provide current College schedule
7. Only original copies of documents will be accepted (no photocopies allowed) 
8. If pregnant, a statement from your doctor verifying due date of child is before Jan. 1st

Senior Angel Requirements (over 65+)
1. State issued identification with picture
2. Proof of your current address (must be within the past month; electric bill, tax return, lease, etc.)
3. Proof of income for everyone in the household (within the last 30 day paycheck, award letter, food stamps, AFDC, SSI, Unemployment or 2016 Income Tax statement)
4. Living with a caretaker or roommate: certified letter from your adult, their proof of residency, proof of income and their household expenses

COUNTIES SERVED: Hinds, Madison, Rankin, Scott, Copiah  and Yazoo County
You may only sign up for The Salvation Army Angel Tree/Toy Shop program if you have not registered for Christmas assistance from any other agencies in  the surrounding areas.

Angel Tree Gifts are not guaranteed.